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1 Digital Bean Portrait

We sold out in under 2 hours! Y'all are absolutely amazing, thank you so much to everyone who ordered! 


Calling bean fiends far and wide, we have the beaniest holiday item for you....




Digitally illustrated by Brooklyn artist Rosie Sherman (@heyshermie), these personalized Bean Portraits will be the talk of the dinner table this holiday season! Turn yours into a holiday card, print it out for a beany stocking stuffer, or snag one just for fun! The options are endless when you're one with the beans. 


We'll be making 100 portraits so snag yours while they're available! Last day to order is December 17th! 



Maximum of 5 individuals per portrait. Both humans and furry friends can be illustrated as beans. Your final product will include 1 5x7 digital bean portrait and 1 time-lapse of your art being drawn in real time!  


Last day to order is December 17th!

1. Place an order for your bean portrait

2. We'll email you within 24 hours with next steps! You'll be asked to submit a photo for reference and any special requests. Please note: we illustrate both humans and furry friends

3. You'll receive your final digital portrait within 5 days

1. 1 5x7 digital bean portrait featuring people (or pets) of your choice

2. 1 time-lapse video of your digital bean-portrait being draw in real time


About the Artist!

Rosie Sherman is an artist and designer based in Brooklyn, NY. When she’s not drawing (or eating) beans, she can be spotted sharing silly doodles on her Instagram (@heyshermie), walking around the city, or drawing dogs with her pals in the park.


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