Harissa Lemon

6 Pack of 15 oz. cans

These chickpeas are zhuzhed up with harissa paste, a big squeeze of lemon, and a blend of toasty spices to create a sauce that's warm and smoky with a just-right citrusy zip.
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Chickpeas, harissa, and lemon sounded like a combination too good not to have in our pantries at all times.

Lemon Illustration
Lemon Illustration

If you’re not already cooking with harissa- a spicy, deeply flavorful pepper paste from Northern Africa - get ready to be completely obsessed.

We make our own harissa paste and mix it up with a big squeeze of lemon, a hint of rose water, and a blend of spices to create a well balanced sauce that’s warm and smoky with a perfect lemon pep in its step. These chickpeas are an all-day favorite for us, equally delicious paired with eggs for breakfast or some toasted pita for dinner.


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