Why the Can?

Cans are Magic

The food inside should be too

Our food is cooked with joy :)

For easy breezy meals whenever you want ‘em

Made with only the best, tastiest ingredients

Dreamt up by home cooks for home cooks

We Can And We Will

Our Story

We’ll be honest with you guys….

If you told us a few years ago that we would start a canned food company, we probably would’ve been like, “hmm, weird prediction!”

We would have told you that canned foods are boring ol' commodities with zero emphasis on flavor. Canned food couldn’t possibly be exciting, or fun, or really, really delicious.

Then, one magical day, it dawned on us that the problem with canned food wasn’t the can itself: it was the lack of imagination about what could go inside of the can. We hopped into the kitchen with a pressure canner and a pile of mason jars and started testing exciting, fun, and really, really delicious recipes.

We started with beans – because beans are a perfect food, made even more perfect when simmered in aromatic, vibrantly flavored sauces – and the first Heyday product line was born. It took a lot of testing (and one near-death experience involving an accidental bean bomb… story for another time) but we ended up with a line of recipes that changed everything we thought we knew about canned food.

Canned food 4 ever,


Your Pantry
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