Golden Butternut
Lentil Stew

6 Pack of 15 oz. cans

Lentils are simmered until deliciously tender with Diaspora Co. spices, sweet coconut milk, and golden butternut squash. Perfectly warming and nourishing, like a hug in a bowl!

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With this soup, we wanted to create a recipe that was gentle, cozy, and nourishing. Kinda like a warm hug, but if a hug was a can of soup.

We think Golden Butternut Lentil Stew perfectly captures that hug-in-a-bowl vibe. Red and green lentils are gently simmered until soft and tender with chunks of golden butternut squash, sweet coconut milk, and aromatic turmeric, mustard seed, and coriander seed from our friends over at Diaspora Co. (check ‘em out, they’re insanely good!).


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